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Why join this project?

These concerts aim to promote world peace by bringing together international artists for three unique and memorable events. These concerts will be an opportunity for the artists to share their message of peace and unity with the public, and thus contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world.

As a sponsor, you will be contributing to a major peace initiative, and will have the opportunity to associate yourself with a positive and hopeful project. What’s more, your support will make your organization’s commitment to young artists and to social responsibility more visible.

In return, we offer various benefits and visibility opportunities for your organization. Your logo and name will be featured on all promotional and publicity materials related to the concerts, including our website and social networks. Partners of the project will also be able to invite contacts and employees to attend the concerts, and enjoy other exclusive benefits. We hope you’ll join us in this innovative initiative and help us realize this ambitious and inspiring project.

The 80th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki represents an important milestone in the history of human civilisation, and it is vital to reflect on this event and the lasting impact it had.

These concerts can have positive repercussions for peace in terms of public awareness and understanding. Such an event can help to raise awareness of the destructive effects of nuclear warfare, the value of peace and the need for dialogue in times of conflict.

With your contribution, this event could also go beyond the borders of Japan and take on a global dimension with the setting up of a live rebroadcast, in addition to a recording. This is a wish that is particularly close to the hearts of the organisers of this project, who hope to receive support to raise the profile of this magnificent peace project.

Private sponsors can see a return on their investment in terms of visibility and increased brand awareness, as well as the opportunity to align themselves with a cause that resonates with their organisation’s values.With your support, the event’s potential for success and impact is real. These concerts could be an opportunity to bring many people together and make a collective statement in favor of peace. A great way to show the world the power of music and its ability to unite around a common cause.

Join us on this multicultural and musical journey!

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